Thoorin Ironaxe

12th Lvl Dwarven Rogue


Standing at 5 foot nothing Thoorin looks like your standard shield dwarf. His gruff demeanor and battle-scared face are evidence of many campaigns and the grey streaks in his black beard betray that he’s been around for a fair few generations.

Though he looks the part of a stout dwarven warrior his status and bearing tells us that he is no simple fighter.


Not much is known about Thoorin aside from the fact that he is not originally from Mirabar. Though he’s an outsider he managed to attain the post of city official and rise through the ranks fairly quickly.

Much like his origins, his exact functions are shrouded in mystery. All anyone can really agree on is that if something happens within the city, Thoorin is sure to be the first to know.

Thoorin Ironaxe

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